THE 6 P’s: Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

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Abdul Aahad: This priceless life lesson was drilled into my very character and I am grateful for it. Perhaps one of the most vital skills that I learned during my flight training and I’m sure everyone regardless of profession should master this.

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish, whether its a trip with your family or starting a new business, planning is mandatory. Benjamin Franklin supposedly once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

During my training, I used to spend hours preparing for a flight. I used to make sure I memorized my radio calls, departure and arrival procedures, pack extra pencils, double-check my nav logs etc. And this extra effort was always worth it.

preparation isn’t fun and most of us do not look forward to doing it but If you want to achieve your goals this is the only way to do it. With the right amount of preparation, you will be ready when opportunity knocks on your door.

Now the only question is, are you prepared for your opportunity?

Written by Abdul Aahad, CASA Commercial pilot