Why we need Mother’s Day?

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Newsnow Desk: Today is Mother’s Day. On this day, many people are expressing their feelings about their mother through various means. Virtual, visual and print versions news media are being published different stories, rhymes, poems and even thoughts about mother. The Dhaka Tribune has published an important opinion, which has been highlighted for the readers of NewsNow:

Mother — the sweetest term on Earth — nothing could be compared to the love of our mothers. Superhumans — we read about them, watch them, and admire them, but I live with a superhuman, and she is my mother — the most important person in my life.

It seems to me that this woman looks at life as a challenge and wholeheartedly intends to seize every single day. Life has been riddled with hurdles and difficulties, but my mother has managed to cross them all. Since my father died when I was a child, my mother became the breadwinner in the family.

From an early age, my mother taught me to stand up for what I believed in and for what was right. Patience is the difference in your dreams coming true or not. Keep working hard unless your dreams come true. I saw my mother work for years and I learned that patience is what kept her reaching towards success.

Behind every human endeavour, my mother said: We should be awake, alert, and willing to listen and respond to opportunities that come our way. If we respond to opportunities, our whole lives could change.

My mother has taught me that hard times can be overcome and that lost battles can be won. She has taught me more than I could learn from any book. Our parents speak from experience, and those who listen to them are safe from the suffering of making mistakes.

However, hardly does a person realize these unconditional contributions until their mother becomes old, and this is why Mother’s Day is needed — to highlight the mother’s role in our everyday lives.

Nowadays, many children think it is a mother’s responsibility to do everything for the child whether she has the capacity or not. They forget their own responsibilities and never pay attention to their mother’s old age.

Mothers want to be loved and looked after in their old age and expect attention from their children. They just want to stay and keep in touch with their children.

Sadly, most children do not want to keep their mother with them and even consider her as a burden. Some feel that they do not get time to take care of their mothers at their old age, as both husband and wife might get too busy with their jobs.

In this situation, they are compelled to send their mothers into old homes and visit them once a year maybe — which is unimaginably painful for their mother.

They think their mother is staying in a good environment surrounded by other old mothers and they enjoy and recover from their loneliness with each other. What they do not realize is the pathetic reality — how much pain those mothers feel when they are thrown out of their own families and even from their homes.

No matter how nice an old home can get — they are surrounded by many people sharing the same, barbaric fate. Why does the world need a Mother’s Day anyway? Well, if there is no Mother’s Day, busy sons and daughters may not have any time to meet with their mothers even once a year.

For these aforementioned busy people, Mother’s Day brings a chance to celebrate their mothers’ contributions. On this occasion, many sons and daughters meet their mothers and celebrate the day. However, the reality is getting darker day by day.

Many people take advantage of this day to avoid the tag of being careless by visiting their mothers only on this particular day.

Making her happy for that one day, uploading a selfie, and then forgetting her for the rest of the year would only make a son/daughter caring on social media, but can never fulfill their affectionate mothers’ hearts, which should have been the main reason.

We don’t need any special day to make mothers feel their worth. If we cannot take some time and tell them how we feel towards our beloved mothers, we might not get chances to tell them later.

Mothers always remain the most special human beings, so we should always keep in touch with ours, they should not stay in old homes when they are older.

If the situation becomes worse and they need to be sent into old homes, then at least meet them regularly and keep them close to you so that you can meet at least every week.

We must keep in mind that everything can be changed but a mother’s love towards her children can never be changed. A mother’s love is the only loan that you cannot repay in your lifetime, even if you work hard day and night or spend millions and billions.

Ramisa Bhuiyan is a freelance contributor.