An Aviators take on how to be calm under pressure

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Abdul Aahad:

Many articles suggest that sleeping well, going off the grid, think positively, etc helps you to stay calm. Even though these are excellent points they cannot really help you when you’re on the spot.

So here I am with a simple technique that I learned during my training to help you stay calm and find your way out of a rough situation.

Imagine you’re in a tense situation, maybe you’re being told to do multiple tasks at the same time or you have to complete an assignment within a limited time.

To counter this take a step back, close your eyes, breathe deeply if you need to and ask yourself ” what is my objective?” “What do I need to need to do first?”

Asking these simple questions will help you dissect your task and figure out what you need to do first.  Speaking from my own experience during flights I have to do numerous things at the same time such as listen and reply to radio calls, fly the plane accurately, set altitude on the altimeter, write down any important information, and much more. by taking a second to organize my thoughts and prioritize my work I am able to do figure out the order in which I should do my tasks.

We all get scared or begin to panic under pressure, its natural. Learning how to stay calm under pressure is a skill that will take years to master and frankly, I’m still working on it myself. Hopefully with this little insight, you will be more equipped for your next difficult situation.

Abdul Aahad is (CASA) Commercial Pilot.

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