Yunnan International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

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Newsnow Desk: YIIEC is designed to provide a competition platform with practical incubation benefits for international innovators and entrepreneurs.

With Yunnan’s special geographical advantages and relevant supporting policies, we seek to accelerate the development of Yunnan as the Science and Technology Innovation Center for South and Southeast Asia.

In order to bring new advantages to Yunnan’s industrial development, it is essential to firmly establish the strategic position of talent leading development, attract more talents at home and abroad to innovate and start businesses in Yunnan, as well as expand our openness to the outside world.

The competition mainly opens to projects from several strategically emerging industries, such as the biomedicine, new energy resources, new materials, advanced equipment manufacturing, green and environmental protection, highland-featured agriculture, as well as cultural tourism and healthcare.

Through collecting the business plans of innovators and entrepreneurs globally, the competition will be carried out progressively in the form of business plans, presentations, Q&As and so on. These challenge the contestants’ professional ability, stimulate their untapped potentials, and expand their abilities to implement innovations and thoughts into real business projects.

Concurrently, through the guidance from the experts, instructors and judges, they will explore the pain points and opportunities of relevant industries together, cultivate the well-rounded qualities as entrepreneurs and be assisted in developing business models that suit the market demand.

The winners will receive bonuses, corresponding project incubation opportunities and relevant policy supports.

Moreover, they will also have the opportunity to establish connections with renowned mentors, the whales of different industries, gather resources from the government, R&D and finance institutions, industrial associations, and most importantly, obtain the golden key to a bright future to fully implement.

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