The virtual hackathon to help the visually impaired corona

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Newsnow Desk: The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many unique challenges, but in every challenge there is always an opportunity. With virtual hackathons encouraging innovation and sustainable business practices, Team Peeker joined the CovLab Global. They innovate the fantastic device to help challenged person to keep social distancing and protect COVID-19. CovLab Global was a three-week long hackathon with over 600 participants with the goal of helping people across the world to tackle COVID-19.

Team Peeker is honored to be placed as 1st runner up in the CovLab Global Hackathon. We learnt about sustainable business practices, pitching and social entrepreneurship and we are so grateful to all the mentors and inspiring participants on our journey.


So what does the Peeker aim to do? During this pandemic, we have found that visually impaired people are struggling with self-isolation because of having no companionship which makes them prone to emotional distress. As they rely on touch, they are susceptible to COVID-19.

This is the reality of 200 million people who are visually impaired around 188 countries. As social and emotional well-being is of the utmost importance for these marginalized people, the Peeker aims to provide life-long companionship and alleviate emotional distress. Here is a 2 minutes long video explaining how the Peeker could potentially help the visually impaired.

Details in the video below:

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