Next budget will plan for agriculture, health & mega project

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Newsnow Desk: The government is likely to go for a strategic ‘recovery plan’ in the next budget (2020-21) with a greater focus on agriculture and health sectors to revive the national economy hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.

Health, agriculture and mega projects will get priority in this recovery plan to make the economy ‘stronger’ so that any such future disaster could be tacked effectively, reports UNB.

“Consultations are going on over a recovery plan in the next budget to put the economy back on track from this stagnation caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,” Planning Minister MA Mannan said.

Health, agriculture and mega projects are likely to get priority in this recovery plan, he said.

The minister said there is no scope to deny the fact that the real strength of the health sector to face a such crisis is still weak. “We’ve to enhance the capacity as we’ve lower number of doctors, nurses, ICU and ventilators than what we need,” he said.

MA Mannan mentioned that the country has lack of essential medical equipment or the absence those is there in many areas of the country.

“If this pandemic reemerges, which is the World Health Organisation has already talked about, then we’ve to remain ready to tackle that…we’ve to upgrade our health sector,” he said.

Talking about the agriculture sector, the Planning Minister said the focus will naturally be on agriculture following the economic setback. “This sector still remains the main driver of our economy. Still, most people are either directly or indirectly involved in this sector. As per my assumption, the government will give the highest priority to this sector,” he said.

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